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New research has revealed that as many as 21.8 million motorists in the UK don”t know that their engine oil expires. A new study has found that a whopping two thirds (65%) of drivers don”t know that oil deteriorates over time, which is particularly concerning as drivers of vehicles with old or dirty oil may not experience any noticeable effects until it is too late.

The research shows that many motorists are failing to regularly check or change their engine oil, which could potentially cause irreparable damage to their vehicles. Considering that most car manufacturers recommend that oil within the engine is changed every twelve months, it is extremely concerning that 3.7 million motorists in the UK believe they can safely wait over three years before their engine oil loses effectiveness. Astonishingly, research showed that one million drivers say they never have the engine oil in their car changed.

It seems that motorists really do get wiser with age when it comes to changing and replacing their oil. The figures reveal that those over 65 are most vigilant, with 68% ensuring their oil is changed at least every 12 months, compared with less than half (49%) of those aged between 18 and 24.

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