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batteryThe condition and performance of your car battery will vary considerably according to a number of factors. The number of miles that you drive annually will greatly affect the life and performance of your battery, as will your location for driving and how you drive your vehicle. When your car fails to start the first time in the morning, it can be an indication that your car battery is not up to the job, but drivers very often get few warning signs that the battery is on its way out.

Generally speaking, a car battery will last for around four years, based on average annual mileage and driving habits. If you drive in a particularly cold climate, cover particularly high mileage, or do lots of short bursts of driving, the lifespan of your battery can vary, however. Some drivers may find that the battery lasts longer, whereas others will find that the battery needs replacing more frequently. Remember that in modern cars, batteries have to provide power for more and more accessories, so the lifespan will also depend greatly on the specification and equipment fitted to your car. GPS receivers, MP3 players, and other electronic devices can place considerable demands on your battery.